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    Principal's Messages

    Monday, June 1, 2020

    Hello and welcome incoming 7th graders to RVMS - 

    I wanted to let you know the status of advanced English placement for next year.  Due to the pandemic, we were unfortunately not able to test our incoming seventh graders for advanced English placement, therefore we won’t be offering an advanced English class. Instead, students will be placed in academic English and our excellent 7th grade English teachers will be evaluating the students throughout the school year and differentiating for those who need more advanced rigor. After a school year of observation, our teachers will then be making recommendations for advanced 8th grade English.  

    Thank you for your understanding and I’m looking forward to seeing you in the fall!

    Ed Navarro

    Tuesday, May 26

    Hello Falcon Families -

    Now that the 2019-2020 school year is coming to a close, it is time to return items which belong to RVMS as well as collect any personal items left behind in academic and PE lockers. I have set our dates for a drive-thru drop-off and pick-up to accomplish this goal. 

    Items to return: 

    • Textbooks

    • Library books

    • Sports uniforms

    • Musical instruments

    • Drama costumes

    • Any other items belonging to RVMS

    Items to pick up:

    • Academic locker contents

    • PE locker contents

    • Yearbooks

    • Drama costumes (left behind in March)

    • Culinary chefs’ coats


    We will not be collecting Chromebooks and HotSpots at this time UNLESS YOUR STUDENT IS LEAVING THE SRCS DISTRICT. In that case, please return the Chromebook and/or HotSpot.

    7th Grade pick-up - Tues. June 2nd

    8th Grade pick-up - Weds. June 3rd

    See time schedule below.

    Do Not At Any Time, Exit Your Vehicle.

    Families will be given a half hour window time slot based upon an alphabetical order by last name. Please try to arrive as best you can in that time slot, but we understand if you need to make an exception. PLEASE WEAR GLOVES AND A MASK. Our number one goal is to return and collect everything in a safe manner and adhere to social distancing guidelines for the protection of everyone. 

    When arriving at Rincon, please enter from Badger Road down the bus lane and we will greet you and get your last name. We will then radio to staff members to begin retrieving your items and then you will proceed straight ahead towards the blacktop, with drop-off stations along the way. We will have tables set up for various items and we will place them in your vehicle. Once you have retrieved everything, you will exit onto Middle Rincon Road.  

    Hola familias de Falcon -

    Ahora que el año escolar 2019-2020 está llegando a su fin, es hora de devolver los artículos que pertenecen a RVMS, así como recoger cualquier artículo personal que quede en los casilleros académicos y de educación física. He establecido nuestras fechas para un regreso y recogida en automóvil para lograr este objetivo.

    Artículos a devolver:

    Libros de texto

    Libros de la biblioteca

    Uniformes deportivos

    Instrumentos musicales

    Trajes de drama

    Cualquier otro artículo perteneciente a RVMS

    Artículos para recoger:

    Contenido del casillero académico

    Contenido del casillero de PE


    Trajes de drama (dejado atrás en marzo)

    Abrigos de cocineros culinarios


    No recopilaremos Chromebooks y HotSpots en este momento A MENOS QUE SU ESTUDIANTE DEJE EL DISTRITO SRCS. En ese caso, devuelve el Chromebook y / o HotSpot.

    Recogida en séptimo grado - Martes 2 de Junio

    Recogida en octavo grado - Miércoles 3 de Junio

    Ver horario a continuación.

    No en ningún momento, salga de su vehículo.

    Las familias recibirán un intervalo de tiempo de ventana de media hora basado en un orden alfabético por apellido. Intenta llegar lo mejor que puedas en ese intervalo de tiempo, pero entendemos si necesitas hacer una excepción. POR FAVOR UTILICE GUANTES Y UNA MÁSCARA. Nuestro objetivo número uno es regresar y recolectar todo de manera segura y cumplir con las pautas de distanciamiento social para la protección de todos.

    Al llegar a Rincón, ingrese desde Badger Road por el carril del autobús y lo saludaremos y le daremos su apellido. Luego comunicaremos por radio a los miembros del personal para comenzar a recuperar sus artículos y luego continuará recto hacia el asfalto, con estaciones de entrega en el camino. Tendremos mesas para varios artículos y las colocaremos en su vehículo. Una vez que haya recuperado todo, saldrá a Middle Rincon Road.

    Aquí está el horario para su día y horario de acuerdo con su apellido. Venga en cualquier momento dentro de su período de media hora. NO TIENES QUE LLEGAR A LA MÁXIMA

    HORA. De hecho, sería lo mejor para todos, si no todos llegan a la hora punta. Tenga paciencia ya que moveremos los autos lo más rápido que podamos.


    9:30 - 10:00     A-C

    10:00- 10:30    D-F

    10:30-11:00     G-I

    11:00 - 11:30    J-L

    11:30 - 12:00    hora de comer

    12:00- 12:30    M-N

    12:30 - 1:00     O-Q

    1:30 - 2:00    R-S

    2:00 - 2:30      T-V

    2:30 - 3:00    W-Z

    3:00 - 3:30      Si no pudieras hacer tu tiempo asignado


    Si tiene alguna pregunta, no dude en enviarme un correo electrónico a:

    Para ayuda en español

    Espero que todos estén saludables y listos para disfrutar nuestras vacaciones de verano. Por supuesto, transmitiré información a medida que esté disponible con respecto al inicio del año escolar 2020-2021. Quiero desearles a nuestros alumnos de octavo grado lo mejor durante su carrera en la escuela secundaria y espero con ansias el día en que pueda verlos en persona.


    Ed Navarro


    May 6, 2020

    Hello Falcon Families - We have now completed 6 weeks of distance learning.  I hope your student/s is/are adjusting well to this new approach to school. I am hearing from parents, teachers and students themselves that our kids are having varying levels of success. While some are struggling to negotiate this new structure, others are thriving.  Our teachers are getting into the groove and working out some kinks so our kids can successfully access the curriculum in a way that works for this approach. Please take a moment to fill out a parent survey on your experience with RVMS distance learning. Your input is valuable to myself and the teachers as we work toward finishing off the last month of school.  

    RVMS Distance Learning Survey

    Please continue to try to establish a daily routine for your children at home.  Structured periods of work, followed by breaks and, if possible, exercise, help create a more school-like environment at home.  We are at the halfway point in the 4th quarter and while student grades cannot go down from the 3rd quarter, they can certainly go up!  Please continue to encourage your student to login each day, complete assignments, and reach out to their teachers when they have questions and/or need help.

    Technology needs - Having already completed 2 technology distribution days, I am currently making appointments with individuals who may have new technology needs.  If you find yourself in this position, please contact me to make an appointment. 

    Locker clean-out - I have had many requests from families asking for the opportunity to retrieve the contents left behind in both academic lockers as well as in P.E. lockers.  I am currently working on a plan for getting student belongings back to them.  Unfortunately, whatever the plan, it can not be implemented until after the shelter in place order has been lifted. 

    Textbook return - At the end of the school year, you will need to return any textbooks, library books, and/or any other borrowed materials.  Please ask your student to do a self inventory of items needing to be returned so when the time comes, it will be much easier to gather. 

    Yearbooks - Yearbook sales will only be online this year. It is not too late to purchase a yearbook.  Here is the link: Buy your yearbook here

    Resources you might find helpful

    Integrated Wellness Center Just updated!  Link to Therapy Request Form:

    Distance Learning resources and information for families:  

    Technology Resources including helpful videos:

    Grab and Go Meals information, including menus and an invitation to give feedback on those menus: 

    Thank you Falcon Families for your ongoing support during these difficult times.  


    Ed Navarro 




    Dear Students and Parents,


    The temporary closure of all California schools and transition to “Distance Learning” is a challenge that I am urging the entire community to embrace.  Perhaps more than any other city, Santa Rosa has faced its fair share of trials and tribulations. In every prior instance, the people of Santa Rosa demonstrated incredible courage, fortitude, and pride in their community.  The COVID-19 outbreak will test Santa Rosa yet again, but the resilience that has been developed and demonstrated time and time again will serve our community well as we band together, albeit separately, and help each other persevere through this difficult time.


    Many of you may be wondering, what exactly is distance learning? Here is our working definition:


    Distance learning” means instruction in which the student and instructor are in different locations. This may include interacting through the use of computer and communications technology, as well as delivering instruction.  Distance learning may include video or audio instruction in which the primary mode of communication between the student and instructor is on-line interaction, instructional television, video, telecourses, or other instruction that relies on a computer or communications technology. It may also include the use of printed materials incorporating assignments that are the subject of written or oral feedback.


    While this new (and hopefully temporary) educational reality certainly has its drawbacks as it lacks in-person contact and communication, there are unique advantages to pursue and explore.  Over the course of the next few weeks, students will have the opportunity to continue their studies in a manner that will foster independence, spark creativity, and further develop executive functioning skills.


    Because we were able to hold a Minimum Day on Friday, March 13th, our staff was able to generate student work in the form of two-week modules.  Your students can log into their Google classroom accounts to find assignments as well as the teacher homework links of the RVMS website. This work that has been created and posted will allow your child to re-engage in their schoolwork.  During the week of March 23rd, teachers will engage in several distance learning training sessions that will help them prepare additional lessons and modules for students in the weeks to come. Please be patient as teachers work through this process to develop the distance learning units that will be available to students through the rest of the year should classes not resume.


    In terms of student expectations, because these are such unusual times and not everyone will experience the same degree of hardship, ALL students will be “held harmless” with regards to school work. This means that students will not be penalized should they not be able to complete the school work being provided through the distance learning plan.  In other words, student grades will not go down from the end of the 3rd quarter - grades can only go up as students complete the distance learning work. 


    Logistical Information:

    • Communication from the school to students and parents will take place via email and all-calls.  Should you need to reach school personnel, please refer to the staff directory on the RVMS website and email the appropriate staff member.


    • Many Santa Rosa City Schools will serve as a “Grab and Go Meal” location.  For more info, please refer to this meal information document.


    • The Rincon Valley Middle School campus is closed and inaccessible to all members of the public.  Should the remainder of the school year be canceled, a plan will be developed for students to retrieve any items that may remain in their lockers.


    • SRCS is working on providing laptops to students that need them. More info to come on this item.


    • Student work will continue to be posted in the weeks to come.  As the work is completed and submitted, it will be graded. We must remember that teachers are experiencing this hardship like everyone else and that they need to take care of themselves and their families.  Please be patient as we work to provide distance learning opportunities and feedback for students.


    Due to the uncertainty and innumerable variables surrounding our current reality, we must remember to remain flexible, patient, and compassionate for one another.  Please be sure to check your email regularly and look for future communications. The spirit of the people of Santa Rosa will help us get through this trying time and I have no doubt that we will emerge stronger than ever before.  Finally, PLEASE take care of yourself & your family and place health and wellbeing above all other priorities.


    Take Care,


    Ed Navarro


    Rincon Valley Middle School 

    Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter School

    Hello Falcon Families - The start of the school year had been a positive success.  Our new 7th graders seem to be settling in well and our returning 8th graders are back in the groove.  Enrollment numbers are down a little from years past, lingering effects from the Tubbs fire, I presume.  Our current enrollment is hovering around 830 students, still making us the largest middle school in Santa Rosa. 


    PG&E Power outages

    I am being informed by the Sonoma County Office of Education that I should be prepared with a plan in the likely case that we experience a PG&E De-energizing Power outage. I am hoping that I will be given advanced notice of such an outage so I can inform families.  If power is shut off, it could be out for 3-5 days.  If the power goes out without warning during the school day, the school will remain in session for the day.  Please note that students who take the bus home will be delayed as traffic lights will likely be out of service as well. If the outage lasts longer than a day, there will be no school until power is resumed or an alternative plan is given from the superintendent's office. 

    Please see the informational PG&E website link for information regarding likely power outages. 

    Hello Falcon Families - I would like to start off by letting you know that we have had a wonderful start to the school year.  One day one, students were brought into the gym by grade level for a school year kick-off assembly called Ready, Set, Rincon Rally.  The rally was followed by free breakfast provided for ALL students.  

    During the lunch break, teachers came out to help organize and run lunchtime games.  We played musical chairs as well as limbo.  The students seemed to enjoy the activities. 

    I look forward to enjoying the rest of the 2019-20 school year with this wonderful group of Falcons!

    Homework Club - Homework club starts this week.   Every Tuesday and Thursday in our library, student have the opportunity to come and work on homework.  It is staffed with a  minimum of 2 RVMS teachers who are there to assist students.  It begins at 3:10 and ends at 4:10.  When a student arrives, he/she signs in and is required to stay the entire hour unless a parent comes to the door to sign him/her out. Homework club is never punitive. No one is ever SENT to homework club.  It is just an option for students who want to attend. There is no membership; it is purely a drop in when needed service.  All School rules apply while in homework club - no cell phone use is permitted. 


    Please mark your calendar to attend one of the two Strategic Plan community meetings being held in September. Our Board of Education and superintendent have been developing a plan to take our district into the next decade. Your feedback is needed!

    The meetings are in English and Spanish, with childcare provided:

    • Tues. Sept. 3 - 5:30-7pm - Elsie Allen High, 599 Bellevue Avenue
    • Wed. Sept. 4 - 5:30-7pm - Montgomery High, 1250 Hahman Drive

    We will also have a survey to provide feedback during the month of September. More info on our website:

    • Back to School Night - Thursday, September 12th - Mark your calendar. 
    • Labor Day - There will be no school on Monday, September 2nd in observance of Labor Day. 
    • School Dance - Our first school dance of the year will be held on Friday, Sept 20th from 3-5 pm. More info to follow. 


    Have a wonderful rest of the week!


    Ed Navarro



    Hello Falcon Families – I would like to address a rumor that has been circulating around campus today.  From the phone calls, emails and drop-in visits I have received, it is clear to me that the rumors have gone beyond the schoolyard. 

    The rumor is that a student brought a weapon/drugs to school today and was arrested.  It is also stated that the student had a “hit list”. 

    I can tell you that this is a rumor.  There was no police activity on campus today, there were no weapons or drugs confiscated, and no “hit list” was found.  What I can confirm is that there were many rumors circulating like a giant game of telephone, with the details getting more dramatic at each telling. 


    Please know that if there were a serious threat of danger, I would notify all my RVMS families.


    Ed Navarro



    Happy New Year Falcon families - I hope you all had a restful and joy-filled break.  Please see below for some valuable school information for all families. As the students have come back on campus we have had many wet morning breaks and lunchtimes.  Fortunately, our gym, library, some classrooms, and cafe have been available for students to find a dry and warm place to be. 

    Can you believe it?  The school year is halfway over. With that being said, I have some information to help get you ready for the upcoming year.

    For our 8th graders going to 9th grade:
    1.    MCHS counselors will be visiting our 8th-grade history classes to discuss registration for 9th grade on January 18th.
    2.    8th-grade-course registration forms for all high schools will be turned into the counseling office on January 23rd by 3:00. If your student is not planning on attending MCHS, please make a note of that on the form and turn it in.
    3.    MCHS counselor will meet with each 8th grader planning on attending MCHS during PE classes on January 25th.
    4.    High School Spirit Day- January 25th. This is a day for students to highlight which high school they plan to attend by wearing school colors or high school spirit wear.

    Incoming 7th graders:
    1.    Future 7th-grade students, who reside in the boundaries of RVMS will be enrolling online this year.  Information regarding the process will be distributed to elementary schools as soon as the information is available.

    Showcase Wednesday, Feb. 20th @ 5:45 -7:30– “Open House” for the future 7th and 8th Grade students and parents. Please pass this information along to anyone you think might benefit from this information. This is not a night for you if your child already attends RVMS.  This is a night designed for our new incoming students to see our elective choices and to select their elective class for next year. This will be the first opportunity for students to fill out an elective selection sheet (sheets will be collected at the end of the evening).   The night will begin with a short presentation in the gym. Then, student-led tours will be available for you to see our campus.  In addition, our elective classroom will be open highlighting what it is they offer, so incoming students can make an informed choice when completing elective selection sheet.  Carpool if you can; parking space is limited.

    Late arrivals - If a student arrives to school after 8:30, a parent or guardian must accompany the student into the attendance office to sign them in.  Please do not just drop your student off and drive away.

    Student Drop off and Pick up etiquette - Parents, please adhere to the school expectations when picking up and dropping off students. 
    When in the front driveway, please pull all the way forward, thus allowing more vehicles to enter
    If the car in front of you leaves, please move forward.
    If you are picking your student up from school prior to the end of the school day, you must come into the office and check the student out.  It is not permitted to honk in front of the school and have your student get in your vehicle without properly checking out.

    ELAC Meeting - Our next English Learner Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for Monday, Jan. 28th at 2:00.

    Remember No School on Monday, Jan 21st as we observe Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. 

    A big Thank You to Corday Lighting for their donation of funds to be used for Anti-bullying education!


    Ed Navarro


    10/5/18 Principal’s Message

    Hello Falcon Families - As we approach the one year mark of the Sonoma County fires, I want to share with you my plan of action on how we as a school site will address this day. When our Fire Club advisors asked the club members what date they felt marked the year passing, the group acknowledged that for them, it was Oct. 9th, because that is when they were most impacted. As a result, Tues. Oct. 9th will be our day of remembrance.  I have heard from some families that they intend to keep their children home as they want to be together.  I do understand that need.  My objective for the day it to mark the passage of a year, by focussing on the resiliency of our community, the growth which has occurred, and the positive aspect of paying it forward.

    *The day will begin with a morning announcement talking about the aforementioned topics.

    *Students will be informed that we are donating our surplus donations of backpacks and such to a school in Redding California.  As Middletown Middle School paid it forward to RVMS, we will pay it forward to another school in need.  Together we are stronger.

    *We will have a double lunch period for our fire club, so they can be together.  There will be some snacks provide and an opportunity to share if they choose. 

    *Our counsellors will be available throughout the day to speak to any students who may need assistance.

    *The rest of the day will be business-as-usual because that is what our kids are telling us they want.

    Fire Remembrance Events
    As the one-year anniversary of the October 2017 wildfires approaches, remembrance events are being planned throughout Sonoma County. Below is a sampling.
    Sonoma County Recovers

    I am proud of our Rincon Community and the strength and resiliency we have shown during this trying year. 


    Cyber Safety Presentation at RVMS

    Parent Presentation: Thursday, September 27th at 6 PM – location on campus TBD

    Student Presentation: Friday, September 28th Two assemblies – 7th and 8th grades

    Parents - Please RSVP to reserve your space by this Tues, Sept. 25th at 12 midnight by clicking the link.  


    Parent presentation – The objective of the parent presentation is to provide parents with practical strategies to parenting in this hyper-digital age and educating on the dangers that children face every day in their online lives. By increasing parents’ comfort and awareness on these issues, they will be more involved in their children’s online lives thus increasing the communication on this topic and children’s safety. Additionally, we will provide technical instruction on the apps and devices that children are using every day.

    All the topics in the Student Presentation will be covered in a very similar manner in this presentation with the goal of creating a foundation for a dialogue between the parents and the students.

    • Social media - What it is, what advantages and positives it provides teens and the pitfalls of it
    • Instagram demo - what it is, what the dangers are, and where the safety settings are located
    • Snapchat - what it is, what the dangers are, and where the safety settings are located
    • Online gaming - dangers and ways to help your child be safe when gaming
    • Incorporating healthy tech in the house
    • Cell phone monitoring software options

    All parents will be included on Cyber Safety Consulting communications distribution list. This tool is used to assist parents in staying up to date on the latest apps kids are using, the trends with teens and technology, current events involving kids and technology, as well as parenting support as it relates to raising kids in the hyper-digital age.

    Please RSVP as we hope to see you here.

    Ed Navarro


    Hello Falcon Families - Let me begin by saying WELCOME to our new families and WELCOME BACK to those of you returning.  It makes me quite happy to see our classrooms, hallways and common areas filled with excited and eager students.  My staff is back, with some new additions, and we are ready to go!

    As we begin our 4th full week of school, I can report the incoming 7th grader anxiety level has diminished.  I am being asked to assist with combination locks less and less. The kids seem to be finding their classes without help, and they are establishing rhythms and routines, like where to eat lunch and how to find their rides after an engaging day at school.  This is one of my favorite times of the school year - when both the 7th and 8th graders are getting comfortable in their new roles on campus.


    In my principal's message, I generally try to put out pertinent information which will help you navigate the middle school experience.


    Back to School Night - This year, BTSN will be held on this Weds. Sept 12th at 6:30 PM.  If your child has zero period, you will begin at 6:15 in our Cafe. There will be a general meeting in the gym at 6:30 followed by classroom visits.  Your child will be bringing home a flier on which they will have written their class schedule for you to follow. These will be coming home on Tues. so please ask your child for it. Parking is always difficult as we have limited space.  If possible, please carpool or walk. I promise you will be happier in the long run.


    Minimum Day on Sept 12th. Students will be released at 12:28 allowing teachers and staff to prepare for Back to School NIght.


    Drop off and Pick up - As we begin the school year, I am already seeing some traffic issues arising.  Let me preface by saying I understand that parents and grandparents are just trying to pick up their students is a timely and safe manner.  The problems arise with the fact that with both SRACS and RVMS, I have over 1000 students leaving the campuses within a 30-minute window. With these large numbers comes much traffic congestion.  With the congestion comes frustration, and with frustration come some unwise choices. When picking up your children, PLEASE be patient. Leave plenty of time to navigate the congestion. You will not be able to swoop in and pick up your child quickly as you may have been used to in elementary school.


    Some rules to follow:

    • Be patient
    • Do not double park on Middle Rincon Road
    • Do not block access to our Handicapped parking spots
    • When waiting curbside in front of the school, pull up as forward as possible. When cars leave ahead of you, move your vehicle forward.
    • Do not flip U-Turns in the middle of the road - turn at intersections
    • Obey ALL traffic laws

    Some suggestions:

    • Traffic is much lighter by 3:15. Arrange a slightly later pickup with your child.
    • Arrange an offsite pickup location
    • Have your child walk home in a group
    • Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible


    Parent Portal - The district-wide parent portal is now available.  You should have received an access code in an email sent from the district office.  If you have not received such a code, you can call our counselling office/registrar for assistance at 890-3870 ext. 33117. The parent portal will allow you to see your student's current grades.


    Help me welcome our new staff this year:

    Claudia Gonzalez - Student Advisor

    Cheryl Brooks - Library Tech.

    Sarah Henrich - Spanish/Culinary

    Kelley Wattell - Math/Social Science

    Laura Grodian - English

    Jessica Sellinger - Special Education

    Jean Walker - Assistant Principal .40


    Zero Period Orchestra -  I am happy to announce that we have a new program on campus this year.  Mr. Binder has started a zero period orchestra. We have a class of motivated musician who have committed to starting school at 7 AM to participate. I cannot wait to hear the fruits of their labours.


    Food Allergies - Please be aware that we have several students on campus who have severe food allergies. If these students come in contact with the allergens, it can be very dangerous and potentially life-threatening. If you are providing any snack for classes, please be sure to not provide any peanut products.  This is a great opportunity to speak with your child about how to be respectful when it comes to these types of allergies. It would be greatly appreciated by our students with allergies, that if you have eaten peanut products, that you wash your hands to avoid leaving trace elements which could cause these negative effects.

    Homework Club has begun. – Homework club happens every Tues. and Thursday from 3:10-4:10 in our library.  It is an opportunity for your child to get help with homework. We have two to three teachers there to answer questions.  This is not a detention or punishment place, but an opportunity for students to get some extra support with homework. There will be no homework club on Tues. Sept. 18 as we will be having a staff meeting. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


    Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur - If your family will be observing Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, please call the attendance office to report your student’s absences. Shanah tovah

    Neon Dance - Our first school dance of the year is scheduled for Friday, Sept, 21 from 3:15- 5:15. Tickets are $5 and will be sold 9/11-9/21 in front of the student store. Don’t let your kids miss out on all the fun.  Encourage them to be involved in extracurricular activities. This kind of event is where middle school memories are created.


    SAVE THE DATE - 9/27/18 - Parent presentation on cyber safety. We will be having a school-wide assembly with a parent presentation on the evening of Thursday. Sept. 27th.  More information to follow.


    Please like our Facebook page for more fun pictures and videos of RVMS life.

    Rincon Valley Middle School


    Falcons on 3.  1-2-3, FALCONS!!!


    Mr. Navarro


    Hello Falcon Families - I want to take a minute to welcome all our new 7th graders and our returning 8th graders and their families. I am looking forward to having a wonderful 2018-19 school year and I am excited to kick it all off tomorrow morning.  I am hoping you had a summer full of fun and rest so that you all come in recharged and refreshed ready to get your learning on.

    I do have a few bits of information for you.

    • There is zero period tomorrow morning.  If you have been scheduled for zero period, you should plan on being here at 6:55. I know that is much earlier than you have been getting up all summer. 
    • If you missed orientation on Thursday and you still need to collect your schedule, please plan on arriving tomorrow at 7:15 AM, as we are running a mini-orientation for those who missed it.  Parents are required to attend with their student. 
    • PE classes will not be dressing out until next Tues.  7th graders, you can put that middle school fear away for a couple more day.  
    • Parents - pick-up and drop-offs are historically bad here at RVMS.  We have over 900 students who are all coming to and leaving school at the same time.  This can create a major traffic situation.  Please be patient and kind to each other, follow the traffic laws, and please remember that the students' safety is our number one concern.  If you don't want to find yourself in this traffic mess, arrange with your child a pick-up spot a block or two away from campus.  
    • School hours tomorrow are from 8:00 - 3:00.  

    Let's make this a great year to remember.


    Ed Navarro

    4/21/18 Principal's Report

    Happy Earth Day weekend!

    I would like to thank the many Falcon Family and community members who came out today to support our Rincon Valley Middle School Earth Day campus beautification day.  We were able to get many projects completed.  We painted fencing, pulled weeds and spread mulch. We raked up debris and did general campus clean up.  Together, we pulled through to make the RVMS campus a more beautiful place for our kids to learn.

    A special Thank You goes out to our STPC for funding some of our projects and to Falcon parents, Jen Dahme and family, and Teresa Jacobs,  for organizing this event!  Thank you to Serrina DeBaca for her donation of paint and bark. 

    But we didn't do this alone.  A giant heartfelt thank you to Pastor Dan Ferguson and the congregants of the Bayside Church - Santa Rosa Campus, who came out to support our cleanup day as part of their Service Day Project! If you came out to help today, they would like to extend an invitation to a BBQ held tomorrow at 12:30 at their Santa Rosa Campus located on Sebastopol road.

    Thank you for making this day such a wonderful event!

    Ed Navarro

    Hello Falcon Families -

    As I am sure you are aware, there is a nationwide school walk-out planned for Weds. March 14th. My goal, as Principal, is to keep our students in class where they are under the supervision of our teachers and staff.

    I do respect the fact that our kids have a voice and that it deserves the opportunity to be heard. In response to the 17 victims who lost their lives in the Parkland School shooting, I would like to host a 17-minute opportunity in our gym, for students to speak their thoughts on school safety and to honor those who lost their lives.

    Students who would like to speak their thought have been asked to submit a written paragraph to me by the end of the day on Monday, March 12.  I will read and approve speeches to be read at this gathering.  If your student would like to participate, this is an opportunity to honor those who lost their lives.  This is not a forum to debate gun control or the 2nd amendment. If you would like to attend this event, please join us.  Guest should check into the front office and get a visitor's pass.

    If you would like your child to participate in a larger walkout, please come to the office and check them out of school.  Any student who chooses to leave the campus without being properly checked-out will receive the consequences for cutting class. If you have questions, please reach out.

    Thank you,

    Ed Navarro



    Friday, Nov. 17 Principal’s Report


    Friday, Nov. 17 Principal’s report


    As we send our students off to enjoy a restful and recharging Thanksgiving break, I want to wish all our families a holiday filled with what makes us each happy.  I am grateful for so much.  It is wonderful to see our student here at school smiling and learning.  Daily, I see the students living the credo, Rincon Strong.  I am so proud of our student body, our teaching and support staffs and our community.


    Replacement yearbooks - If your 8th-grade student purchased a yearbook last year and it was lost in the fire, I have a very limited supply of the 2016-17 yearbook I’d like to replace it with.  Please have your student come in to see me if interested.  Offered while supplies last.


    Looking for a carpool? -  Are you having trouble getting to and from school from your new location? You are not alone! Families who have students in Rincon Valley area schools are looking for ways to get their students to their schools. Parent groups from Maria Carrillo High School and Rincon Valley Middle School have created a Facebook page designed to help connect riders and drivers to RVMS and/or MCHS. If you need a ride or can give a ride, you can post it on this FB page.


    Secret Santa Program -  This year the Rincon Valley Education Foundation, in collaboration with our schools, is coordinating a Secret Santa program. We know that some of you have been dramatically affected because of the recent fires, and we know that some are already supporting your families on a limited income. If you could use a little support - please click on the link and fill out the questionnaire.   If you want to give..."Happy Holiday Heart Trees" with wishes from our Rincon Valley families will be delivered to each school site by Tuesday, November 28th. Pick up a heart and grant a wish - and together we can all have a Happy Holiday! - Katie Ruppe, Rincon Valley Education Foundation,


    Applications being accepted for University Center!

    University Center@EA students enroll in Sonoma State University courses and earn college credits while still attending as juniors and seniors at Elsie Allen High School.  This is a college savings of over $20,000.00!  Students get exposure to college coursework before they graduate from high school.  University Center students have attended and graduated from Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and UC Berkeley, to name a few.  "This unique college credit earning and readiness program is the only one of its kind in Sonoma County." 


    Students must apply and be accepted into the University Center@EA.  Applications for the 2018-2019 school year are due February 1, 2018. To schedule a Shadow Day for your 8th grader or for program information contact Jenny Fleischer at 707-975-1659.

    Can food drive - Nov. 28- Dec. 15th  Please bring in canned food into your child’s first-period class.  We are collecting for the Redwood Empire Food Bank.

    Good Day Falcon Families – Upon reflecting on the reopening of our school, I have pondered a few thoughts and some gratitude I’d like to share. It truly warmed my heart Friday morning to stand at the curb, elbow-to-elbow with my teachers, welcoming our students back to school.  The smiles they shared and the sense of relief they expressed, let us all know that it was good to be back. 

    I want to thank our counselling staff, both school employees and outside support team, and AP Amy Sather for the well-run and organized comfort room, which overtook our library.  Students were able to come in and talk to a counselling professional, or just take a break if needed, depending on their state of mind.  We saw many students.  Thanks to our STPC (parent group) we were able to hand-out over 2000 doughnut holes! Nothing says, “Welcome back – We missed you,” like a doughnut hole.

    Because of many generous donations, we were also able to hand out new backpacks filled with school supplies to any student in need.  If your child needs said supplies and has not already come in, please tell him/her to check-in at the library. We are still in the process of inventorying our lost textbooks and reassigning replacements.  For most books, we have replacements, for others, we will need to order new ones.  We will get them in students’ hands as soon as we can.  We appreciate your patience.

    As we move into next week, please know that many of the above supports will still be in place.  I look forward to seeing more of our students return, to welcome them home, to get back to our new normal, whatever that will be.

    If you are in need of resources, Slater Middle School is hosting a clothing drive on November 4th targeting families in SRCS who lost their homes, jobs, or are still displaced. They were able to get ahold of many, many brand new clothing items from SEARS HOLDINGS.

    Also, the Hidden Valley school community has put together a very large donation center, one open to anyone/any family in need due to the fires. The location is 741 4th street, Santa Rosa

    Rincon Strong – Together we rise!


    Ed Navarro



    9/20/17 Principal’s Message


    Fire and Ice Dance - The first dance of the year was an amazing success.  Over 675 students attend.  We had 3 jumpies, games outside, food in the cafe and a great DJ! Inside the gym, we had confetti blasts, tee shirt cannons, cool uplighting and a dancer onstage to get the kids excited. By the looks on the kids faces, I believe a great time was had by all.


    Spirit Week is coming      Monday is Sports Day

    Sept. 25-29                        Tuesday is Tie Dye Day

                                                Wednesday is Tacky Tourist Day

                                                Thursday is Red, White and Blue Day

                                                Friday is Pajama Day

                                       Remember, Dress code still applies!!!


    Parent Portal- The new parent portal is now up and running. If you are having a difficult time getting in or if you need an access code, please contact Jessica Selinger, our registrar, at , and be sure to mention your student’s name in your email.


    Jazz band - I have had the pleasure of hearing our super-talented jazz band practice during 8th grade SSRW.  They sound great!  I look forward to presenting them to you in the future so you can hear the rewards of all their hard work,  Thank you, Mr. Binder, for providing this wonderful opportunity for our band kids.


    Rosh Hashanah - If your child is planning on observing this holiday, and will be missing the day of school, please call in their absence to the attendance office and let us know it if for religious observance. L’Shana Tova


    Yearbook sale- Order Yearbook ONLINE - Early Bird Special ends 9/29


    SRTA Update -

    Greetings Parents! Many of you have undoubtedly heard by now that SRTA, Santa Rosa Teachers’ Association, has been in contract negotiations with SRCS, due to the lack of a contract for a second year in a row. This has resulted in a situation where teachers are now “working to student”, meaning they have been focusing their efforts solely upon teaching and supporting students academically. This also means all adjunct duties (duties outside working hours, such as athletics, Sport-A-Rama, band and drama performances, and dance supervision) have been suspended until a contract is obtained. We are pleased to announce that a Tentative Agreement has been reached by the negotiation team and will be up for a vote in mid-October. Until the agreement passes, however, teachers will continue focusing their efforts on teaching and will wait to hear the results of the vote before resuming extra duties. For more information, please visit the SRTA website


    Progress Reports- Progress reports should be mailed home sometime next week. Grades have been submitted to the district office and they will generate the letters home. Teachers are only required to send home notification if a student is receiving a C- or below in a class, so if that is not the case, you may not be receiving a letter. The end of the first grading period is Oct 25th.


    Cross Country - Cook vs Rincon Thurs. Sept. 21

    Girl’s  basketball -

    Rincon Vs Petaluma Thursday, Sept 21st

    Rincon vs. Windsor Tuesday, Sept 26th.

    Good luck Falcons!  Try your hardest and do your best.


    Picture Make-up Day - Thursday, Sept. 28th If you did not take your picture at orientation or if you would like to take a retake, our Lifetouch photographers will be here on Sept 28th.  


    Pick up and drop off - I know it is crazy at drop off and pick up because there are so many vehicles converging in one spot at the same time. I ask that you please adhere to the traffic laws as we all want to ensure the safety of our students.  Remember, there are no U-turns on Middle Rincon Road.  After you drop off or pick up, continue to the stop sign to change directions.   


    Open Enrollment- October 1st - November 17th 2017 Apply online at:

    This is for students that live within the SRCS District, but not within the RVMS boundaries.

    Open enrollment is by school.  So enrollment is for elementary, middle and high schools.

    *Example: A family would need to apply 3 times for:

    1. Elementary School (kindergarten- 6th grade)

    2. Middle School (7th and 8th grades)

    3. High School (9th – 12th grades)

    If you have questions, please contact Assistant Principal,  Amy Sather, at .


    Open Enrollment Fireside Chat- November 2, 2017, at 6:00 PM  Come if you have any questions about the Open Enrollment process.  We’ll have students, parents, and staff in an open forum so you can get the real scoop!  Refreshments will be served.


    Shadowing Opportunities for current 6th graders- (Only available for students making a decision between two or more schools.) During Open Enrollment October 1st through November 17th, 2017.


    To Qualify:

    1. You must live within the SRCS District and are considering a transfer for next year.


    1. You live within the RVMS boundaries and are deciding between another school.

    2. You have filled out and submitted the Shadowing Request Form and have received an email of acceptance.


    Showcase Open House- for Incoming Students for the 2018 -2019 School Year February 21, 2018,  This is an evening you won’t want to miss, should you be accepted through the Open Enrollment process!  We will begin the evening with a 30-minute presentation including a fashion show and dancing in the gym.  Then classrooms, including electives will open for tours.  The curriculum will be displayed in our school library.  Band and drama performances will take place in our Cafe.



    Ed Navarro



    Principal’s Message 8/25/17



    Hello Falcon Families – I just want to let you know what a wonderful start of the year it has been. Our 7th graders seem to be adjusting nicely to their new school.  Locker combination stress has drastically dropped.  PE classes are now changing into PE clothes, and class schedules are now memorized.  I have been pleased to see old friends reconnect and new friendships being established.  Our 8th graders have quickly fallen into place as the “upperclassmen” showing our new students the way around campus.

    Eclipses news – Sadly, after all the preparations for this big event, mother nature did not comply.  It was far to overcast to see anything.  We were able to show the NASA live feed in the gym during our break and many teachers were showing it in the classrooms, so our students did get to see it, but unfortunately they did not get the full experience we were hoping for.

    Lunch time activities – our amazing leadership students and teachers have planned some really fun Friday Lunchtime fun.  Last week our students participated in a limbo contest where they earned prizes and built school spirit.  Today the fun continued with musical chairs.  The completion was fierce but fun. 


    Food Allergies - Please be aware that we have several students on campus who have sever food allergies. If these students come in contact with the allergens, it can be very dangerous and potentially life threatening. If you are providing any snack for classes, please be sure to not provide any peanut products.  This is a great opportunity to speak with your child about how to be respectful when it comes to these types of allergies.  It would be greatly appreciated by our students with allergies, that if you have eaten peanut products, that you wash your hands to avoid leaving trace elements which could cause these negative effects.

    Homework Club is staring next week. – Homework club happens every Tues. and Thursday from 3:10-4:10 in our library.  It is an opportunity for your child to get help with homework.  We have two teachers there to answer questions.  This is not a detention or punishment place, but an opportunity for students to get some extra support with homework.

    Nightmare on Puberty Street - On September 7th our 8th grade students will be invited to see Kaiser Permanente’s live theatre production, Nightmare on Puberty St. 

    Nightmare on Puberty St. is an age-appropriate, live theatrical performance about four young people on their journey through adolescence.  As the characters wrestle with the question, “Am I normal?” they learn to cope with the changes affecting their bodies and minds.  The frank and sometimes funny program shows students how to cope with many of the issues of puberty, including how to handle pressure to be sexually active, how to build self-esteem, and where to find help if faced with feelings of depression or thoughts of suicide.  By the end of the performance, students understand everyone goes through changes during puberty, and there are resources to help them adjust to those changes.


    Nightmare on Puberty St. was created in conjunction with physicians, teachers, licensed counselors, and parents.  The performer/educators in the play receive extensive training from doctors and licensed counselors at the beginning of each school year.  Their training continues throughout the year, incorporating updated information as it becomes available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institutes of Health, the Kaiser Family Foundation, and health care providers. 


    If you do not want your student to attend the assembly, please complete the attached “opt out form” and return it to the school no later than Tuesday, September 5th to have your child excused.


    Thank you for sending your kids to us.  We strongly believe we have a wonderful school and your students help us to keep that going. 


    Ed Navarro




    Eclipse Update for RVMS/SRACS

    Hello families – We are about to experience a very rare natural phenomenon on Monday August 21st. I want to take a moment to inform you on how we will be participating in this event. Please know that we are taking precautions to ensure the safety of our students.

    On Monday, in our gym, during our break time, we will be showing a live stream of the solar eclipse so interested student can come in and view the first stages safely. After break concludes, we will be conducting and emergency drill, which will bring all students out to the black top so they can use the pin hole projectors they have made in class to view the shadow effects of the eclipse. While in their drill lines, they will be given a short opportunity to view the eclipse through NASA approve glasses. Classroom teachers and staff will be directly monitoring to insure correct usage of the glasses. Student will be directed to view the ground when not wearing glasses so they can see the interesting effects the eclipse will have on shadows. Our SRACS classes with be setting up data collection center before the eclipse to measure temperature changes, as well as variations in light, and the effects on animal activity during the different stages of the eclipse.

    To prepare our student, we will be showing two videos in our SSRW classes on Friday which will reiterate the safety precautions your students have been hearing in science classes. It takes a village, so please explain to your child the importance of not looking up into the sun without the protective glasses our science teachers are providing. Student are not to bring their own viewing glasses to school. I do understand that no matter how many precautions we take, some of you may still be uncomfortable with what we are doing, but this is a very significant event which is part of the astronomy curriculum taught in science classes and I don’t want our kids to miss out on this learning experience. I hope you will agree and sent your student to school prepared to witness this truly wonderful natural event.

    Back to School Principal's message

    Dear Rincon Families,

    Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! It is my hope that all our students and families were able to rest, rejuvenate, and recharge, enabling them to successfully navigate their learning this year.

    I am excited to start the school year, so I can say hello to our returning 8th graders and hear about how they spent their summer vacations.  I also am looking forward to meeting and getting to know all our new 7th graders. I want to welcome them to our Falcon Family.   

    As the principal of RVMS, I want to share my philosophies with you.   I believe in a culture of achievement and my expectations are that our students will excel in all aspects – academically, socially, and emotionally. I have worked with students from all socioeconomic backgrounds and academic levels, and I understand that students may need a variety of supports to get them through their middle school educations.

    My goal is to bring all our students to the highest level they can individually achieve, and we as a team can support them in doing so. We are all stakeholders in our students’ educations and together, we need to continue the excellent work underway in the RVMS community. In the years to come, I look forward to working together to advance the momentum already underway.

    Communication is the key element to this success, so please feel free to express and share your ideas and thoughts and you should expect the same from me.

    Our Falcons rally around one of our own.  One of our 8th grade students, Chloe Smith, was diagnosed a few weeks ago with Osteosarcoma and has been undergoing Chemotherapy at UCSF. Several of her friends and classmates have gathered together to find a way to best help and support our student in need.  As a result, they have created #teamChloe.  Team Chloe will be selling t-shirts and bracelets at orientation to help raise funds for Chloe’s medical bills.  Shirts will be $15 & bracelets are prices at $2. Team Chloe will have a table set up at orientation with items to purchase.  There is also an adult fundraising event on Sept. 16th  at 6:30.

    Chloe – Our thoughts are with you. The Rincon Falcon Family is standing behind you.  When you need strength, lean on us.

    Some important dates I’d like you to be aware of:

    Tuesday August 15 – First day of school - 8:00 AM

    Weds. Sept. 6th – Back-To-School Night

    As we embark on a busy new school year, please remind your child of the importance of safety around campus! If your child rides a bike or scooter to school, please make sure he/she wears a helmet and walks his/her bike or scooter on school grounds. Middle Rincon is an extremely busy street. Please discuss with your children the importance of using the crosswalks. Mornings and afternoons can be hectic. As you drop off and pick up your children, please drive slowly, cautiously, and follow the traffic laws.
    I am truly looking forward to working in partnership with you to provide our children with the rigorous academic foundation they need in a safe, supportive, and enriching environment.

    Warm Regards,
    Ed Navarro