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Attendance Office


Students are required to attend school every day school is in session.  If you are not in school you must be excused by your parent or guardian. Parents / Guardians must call the 24 hour / 7 day a week number -707-890-3870 ext. 33110 - to excuse your absence before you return to school.  You have a 24-hour period to make sure that one of your parents or guardian has contacted the school to verify an absence. Failure to verify an absence will result in a cut and disciplinary action will follow. Truancy proceedings will be initiated if absences are not cleared or valid. Students forging excuses for absence will be referred for disciplinary action.


Excused Absences

The following are designated as lawful absences: illness, medical, dental or legal appointments, death in the immediate family, school business, religious observances and quarantine directed by a health officer. A doctor or dental note should be brought to the Attendance Office upon the students return to school.


Unexcused Absences and Cutting

The following are considered unlawful absences: willful absence from school without parental knowledge and absence from school without acceptable cause with parental knowledge.  These absences will be considered a cut.  The consequences of cutting class are listed in the discipline section of this handbook.


Leaving School 

Rincon is a CLOSED CAMPUS. Once you arrive on campus you must have permission from parents, an administrator, the Attendance office, or the Health office to leave school. You may not leave campus without first checking out at the Attendance office. A parent/guardian must sign students out from the attendance office. If you need to leave during the school day, bring a parent/guardian note in the morning to the attendance office to obtain a pass to meet your parent/guardian in the attendance office to be signed out.

Students who are participating in extracurricular activities may not be absent from any part of the school day or they will not be allowed to take part in the activity, excused or not.   Students not involved in after school clubs or athletics must vacate the campus 15 minutes after school ends unless in the company of an adult. There is no supervision after school hours.



Arriving to school and classes on time is necessary for your success in the world of work and school.  Being on time also lessens disruptions to the classroom and the education of other students.  You are responsible for arriving to school on time. Oversleeping and chronic transportation difficulties are not valid excuses for arriving late to school. 


First Period Tardies

First Period: If you are late, report immediately to the Attendance Office for a remittance to class the following tardy penalties will go into effect. 


Zero Period Tardy Policy

  1. Warning
  2. Best Form
  3. Detention & Drop Warning
  4. Dropped from Zero Period PE

Zero Period Absence Policy

Zero period P.E. is a privilege and regular attendance is required.  If a student misses four classes, but attends their other classes; the student will be dropped from the program to make room for other students.



Tardy Penalties for First Period

  • First Tardy = Warning
  • Second Tardy = BEST Form
  • 3rd – 5th Tardy = Lunch Detention (Main Office)
  • Excessive Tardies = Referral to Student Advisor
    • Parent supervised campus clean-up is a possible option  

Tardy Penalties for Periods 2-6 

  • Any Tardy = Detention

Hall Passes

Except in an emergency, you must have an official RVMS  hall pass from your teacher or the office to be out of class. Failure to do so is a cut.  The "Learning First" initiative gives 6 passes per student, per quarter to use for the restroom, drinking fountain or get an item from a locker during class time. New passes are issued each quarter. Emergencies, 504's, IEP's and identified health concerns are handled on a case by case basis.